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Our filtration solutions

Recirculation pumps An efficient and silent filtration solution

The filtration pump is the 'heart' of the swimming pool. It enables the water to circulate in the filter and in the treatment solution, to guarantee purified water at all times. There are two available technologies: - eco-responsible and ultra-silent variable-speed pumps- durable and efficient single-speed pumps

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Filtration A solution for clear, healthy water

The filter acts as the pool's ‘lungs’. It retains impurities from the pool water and guarantees clear, healthy water to ensure optimal bathing comfort. There are several available technologies: - eco-friendly and ultra-efficient cartridge filters - simple and durable sand (or glass) filters.

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Design An elegant and individual top-of-the-range solution

Compatible with all pool types (and installed during the construction phase), the water blades enhance the pool environment and provide peace and well-being thanks to the attractive, calming water cascade.

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